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​25th IASBS School for physics undergrads, 1-5 Feb 2020

Every year the IASBS organises a school entitled "Special School on Topics in Physics” for senior undergraduate students of physics to introduce them to new research in physics. The 25th School will be held on 1-5 February 2020.

The School aims to enhance the students’ knowledge in various fields of endeavour by providing lectures in optics and photonics, condensed matter, soft and biological matter, astronomy and astrophysics, complex systems, and cognitive neuroscience. The emphasis will be on theory, laboratory experiments, and computer simulations. Capacity permitting, free attendance might be possible.

For more information please visit the School’s webpage .

Wed, 01 Jan 2020

​25th IASBS School for physics undergrads, 1-5 Feb 2020

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