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IASBS Internet Radio launched in Teacher Appreciation Week

The IASBS Internet Radio has been launched in Teacher Appreciation Week to help increase connection among the members of the University during the Covid-19 pandemic. The IASBS Internet Radio, which is the result of an initiative by the student body started work by broadcasting its first podcast.

Speaking in the podcast, the IASBS President, Prof Babak Karimi, congratulated the faculty and students on Teachers’ Day saying that suitable use of state-of-the-art technology promotes common knowledge and helps establish a happier and more dynamic academic atmosphere that would bring the members of the university closer together in the safest possible way during these times that we are encountering the coronavirus. Recalling the special characteristics of the IASBS, Prof Karimi said the activities of the University had been quite innovative during this period.

In other sections of the podcast, the IASBS Founder, Prof Yousef Sobouti, and also Dr Sadeghi Bigham, Dr Shiva Akbari Birgani, and a number of other faculty and students recounted their memories of teaching and the relationship between teachers and students.

For more information and access to the IASBS Internet Radio please follow this link.

Fri, 01 May 2020

IASBS Internet Radio launched in Teacher Appreciation Week

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