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Employee Recognition Day celebrated and IASBS retired staff praised

Employee Recognition Day and IASBS Retiree Appreciation ceremonies have been held in open air on the IASBS campus. The celebrations were held on Monday morning, 24 September 2020, on the lawn next to the Torkamaan Library with due observance of Covid-19 health protocols.


The first speaker in this ceremony was the IASBS Founder, Professor Yousef Sobouti who read excerpts from an article on the coronavirus emphasising the need to observe health protocols and disseminate information and knowledge about this virus as an important factor in keeping the members of the University safe.


Then the IASBS President, Professor Babak Karimi, reiterated the value and worth of the IASBS employees and the retired staff saying that meeting them was a source of pleasure and it fortified the spirit of work in these difficult times. He said human nature was such that it brought out its best under dire circumstances. Prof Karimi said the IASBS’s human assets and administrative body were the main sources of the University’s drive, agility and dynamism in these times.


The IASBS President emphasised the importance of the effect the members of the University had on each other suggesting that a spirit of joviality and appreciation for the efforts of others would improve the atmosphere of the University and would result in rendering better service. Prof Karimi then thanked all staff who had worked alongside the management under these difficult conditions to run the IASBS affairs satisfactorily. He said showing appreciation for what people do is one of the lofty human attributes that makes everyone feel good and prepares us to think every day of ways of providing better service.


This was followed by a number of IASBS personnel and retired staff talking about their memories and experiences, and suggestions and proposals. The IASBS Vice President for Finance and Administration, and Education and Research, Dr Rashid Zare-Nahandi then took the floor presenting various statistics on the administrative aspects of the IASBS pointing out that the staff capabilities and respecting the rights of the University clients had been among the most important factors in the IASBS’s progress since its inception.


At the conclusion of the ceremony, the staff and heads of the “Planning & Budget Office” and the “Computer & Information Technology Services Centre” were praised and commended as members of superior sections in the University. Finally, retired IASBS staff were complimented and those passed away were remembered and their family members were applauded.

Mon, 14 Sep 2020

Employee Recognition Day celebrated and IASBS retired staff praised

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