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Dr Zahra Mousavi new Head of International and Scientific Cooperations

Dr Zahra Mousavi has been appointed by the IASBS President, Professor Babak Karimi, as the new Head of the Office for International and Scientific Cooperations.

In Dr Mousavi’s letter of appointment, Prof Karimi has expressed hope that she will be able to carry out her duties in her new post that include the following points in particular,

   * introduce various support programmes provided by international institutions and launch effective courses that would enable the faculty and the students to make use of that support,

   * liaise with the representatives of departments and receive their plans and programmes on their international interactions according to their potentials,

   * endeavour to develop joint courses with reputable higher education institutions abroad, in line with the general policies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology,

   * implement suitable plans to promote the existing international cooperations within Erasmus+, Jondi Shapour, AUF, and other international support mechanisms,

   * make a special effort to launch French and German language courses for the IASBS members alongside the existing English language courses,

   * observe and supervise the activities of all departments in line with the national project for the “promotion of 5 top universities and 5 top research units in the country to the international level” and provide 6-monthly reports, and

   * report on progress and achievements in each of the above cases at regular intervals and propose solutions to overcome future challenges.

Mon, 12 Apr 2021

Dr Zahra Mousavi new Head of International and Scientific Cooperations

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