Mehdi Daraei

Mehdi Daraei

Assistant Professor

Department of Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences Building, Room A007
daraeimehdi [at]


Hello, my name is Mehdi Daraei. I am a sedimentologist who works on carbonate sedimentology that means the study of different sedimentologic aspects of carbonate rocks. Most my recent studies are focused on the paleo-depositional environment interpretation of carbonate rocks. However, I have also conducted some research projects on carbonate reservoir geology with the aim to describe the geologic properties of carbonates reservoirs. For those who are familiar with reservoir geology, I have extended my studies to reservoir characterization, particularly the zonation of carbonate reservoirs via using different rock typing methods such as Flow Unit Indicator and/or Stratigraphic Modified Lorenz Plot. Recently, I am working on the application of neural networks on the reservoir rock classification.

Research Interests

-Reconstruction of paleo-depositional environments and settings,
-The study of diagenesis, particularly its relationship with reservoir characteristics,
-Reservoir geology and characterization,
-Sequence stratigraphy of carbonate successions.

Research Keywords

sedimentology, sedimentary petrology, diagenesis, sequence stratigraphy, carbonate sedimentology, carbonates, carbonate reservoirs, reservoir quality, geology, reservoir geology, rock types, depositional environment, sedimentary environment


Carbonate Rocks (Carbonate Sedimentology)

Advanced Microfacies

Geology of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Application of sequence stratigraphy to sedimentology

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