Najmeh Etemad-saeed

Najmeh Etemad-saeed

Associate Professor

Department of Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences Building, Room A105
n.etemad [at]

Research Interests

Sedimentary basin analysis
Tectonics and sedimentation
Provenance of sediments 
Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary


Non-carbonate rocks

Advanced sedimentary environments

Sedimentary geochemistry

Basin analysis

Tectonics and sedimentation

Field sedimentology

Selected Publications

  • Etemad-Saeed, Najmeh and Najafi, Mahdi and Nasirizadeh, Negar, "Oligocene--late Miocene basin evolution in the Yengejeh syncline in the Central Iranian Basin in response to the Arabia--Eurasia orogeny", Journal of Sedimentary Research, Vol. 92, NO. 9, 2022

  • Etemad-Saeed, Najmeh and Knoll, Andrew H and Najafi, Mahdi and Bergmann, Kristin D and Haseley, Nicole and Karimi, Soroush, "Carbon isotope chemostratigraphy of a Gondwanan Ediacaran--Cambrian transition, Soltanieh Mountains, northern Iran", Gondwana Research, Vol. 99, NO. 4, 2021

  • Etemad-Saeed, Najmeh and Najafi, Mahdi and Verg{\'e}s, Jaume, "Provenance evolution of Oligocene--Pliocene foreland deposits in the Dezful embayment to constrain Central Zagros exhumation history", Journal of the Geological Society, Vol. 177, NO. 4, 2020

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