Aram Bayet Goll

Aram Bayet Goll

Associate Professor

Department of Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences Building, Room A008
bayetgoll [at]

Research Interests

My research focuses on using sedimentology and ichnology to interpret sedimentary rock successions. This broad field has strong links to the hydrocarbon industry, is used extensively in paleoclimatology, and is applied in modern sedimentary environments. Recently, most of my research has focused on the construction of high-resolution sequence stratigraphic frameworks for the Central Iran and Alborz basin successions in order to understand the interplay of relationships between tectonic and sedimentation.

Research Keywords

Ichnology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Sedimentology Clastic,  Sedimentology Carbonate, Geobiology, Tectonostratigraphy

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